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Results of good oral hygiene:

A healthy looking and odourless mouth, which consists of:

 Clean & debris free teeth

 A mouth free from regular episodes of bad breath.

 Pink that do not hurt or bleed while brushing or flossing.

How to achieve good oral hygiene

 Prevent formation of plaque to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

 Fluoride in toothpaste, fluoridated drinking water or dental treatment or fluoride supplements help to reduce risk of decay.

 Regular visits to the dentist and professional cleaning with hygienist, therapist or dentist.

 Eating a balanced diet which include fruits, vegetables, milk products, meat and fish.

 Avoid foods with high sugar content, sticky foods and acidic foods.

 Brushing and flossing must be done daily and thoroughly but not vigorously.  Sore or bleeding gums in the first few days after flossing are normal. if this persists for longer than a week, seek assistance from your dentist , hygienist or dental therapist.